Our Mission

Providing the highest quality sneakers to allow people to
participate in sneaker culture & express themselves through fashion, even with alimited budget.

Positioning Statement: Upgrade your sneaker experience with Trap4Kicks – theultimate destination for Sneakerheads seeking top-tier 1:1 replicas. Dive deeper into sneaker culture, express your unique style effortlessly, and liberate yourself from budget concerns and murky shipping estimates.

Trap4Kicks is revolutionizing the replica market by working around the clock to address the common pitfalls of your favorite platforms. Experience unparalleled transparency on product images prices & descriptions, seamless communication available in any language, and speedy package processing & shipments, setting a new standard for authenticity and convenience in the rep market

– Accessibility:

Everyone deserves to look fly, even if they can’t afford the hype.

– Limited Stock Solutions:

We fill the gap created by limited releases and artificial scarcity by brands. If a specific shoe you want isn’t available in  stores or anywhere else, you can let us know.

– Quality:

Replicas as good as ours should be as close to the original as possible so that you feel like you’re paying for the brand name, not better shoes.

– Transparent Logistics Process:

Our customer’s packages should arrive within the ETA given at checkout, with store credit available for late packages.

– Harmless Business Operations:

Ethically sourced materials, no slave or child labor, and all the brands of the items we sell are still very profitable. As
a matter of fact, we help the brands we sell by giving exposure to their lesser known yet most valuable shoe designs available.

– Supporting Small Businesses & Job Creation –

While corporate greed remains a huge barrier of entry for business sneakerheads, you can bypass
these by asking about our wholesale prices for your retail endeavors.

– Indiscriminate Charity:

Charity: At least 2.5% of profits are donated to charities globally. We currently aim to donate to organizations operating in underserved regions of the world for purposes of Healthcare, Food & Water Access, Education, Shelter, and/or Clothing.